Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Someone Just Turned 3!!!!

I can hardly believe it, but my little girl is growing up so fast already and has turned 3 this past week. We have been very busy and have unfortunately neglected the blog for awhile, although we do check in on everyone elses from time to time.

Tatiana is still a very busy girl, who rarely slows down until she is just totally exhausted at days end. Although believe it or not, from time to time now she will ask me to rock her to sleep after lunch for a little rest. Whoo Hooo!

Here are a few highlights from birthday girl's party:

And a few others from weeks past to catch up with the photos again:

We have our first post-placement coming up next week. oh my goodness has it really been that long already? Though most days it feels like Tatiana and I have been together forever.

She is doing very well adjusting. Most people would never know that she just learned English four months ago as she probably speaks more than many 3 year olds who were born in this country. Tia continues to amaze me and the rest of her new family on a daily basis. She is very smart and also very stubborn. She is still throwing temper tantrums, but much smaller versions from when we first became a family. At least now we both completely understand each other, so they are not for lack of communication skills. Just plain old 2-3 year old "I want something and can't have it" type temper tantrums.

For activities Tia loved Gymnastics. She is on summer break from them now, but we had fun in a Mom and Tot group in the spring. This summer she is having fun on the boat, playing in the pool, being outside. loves going to the park to swing and slide, and playing with the neighborhood kids. We are going to try some camping in a couple of weeks. I'm already sure that she will love it as she thoroughly enjoys being outside all the time.

I'll be taking Tia to the doctor again for her three year old check up very soon, so don't have exact stats as to how much she's grown. Am looking forward to seeing if she has caught up at all. Her aunt Robin likes to weigh her and says she weighs 26.5 lbs now, instead of 25.5lbs, but we will soon find out for sure. She has definitely grown taller as she is now into 2T's instead of just into the 18 month outfits, although her Grandma has to keep taking in the waists for her as she still has no butt. I'm sure she will appreciate that trait as she gets older, but for now, we could use a little extra cush on the tush to keep the pants up. hahaha

Hope all of you are doing well? I see some great news about traveling for second trips coming up for a couple people! Congrats!

Hope you all have a very wonderful and safe fourth of July as well! Will post again as soon as humanly possible after the fourth.

Shannon and Tatiana