Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Travel Dates

It's already been a whirlwind week! I can't believe I'm actually going to be leaving in one week to complete ( I love that word), the adoption of my beautiful little Russian Princess that I've been waiting for, for so long.

So here is the schedule so far:
Depart Detroit metro airport on Feb 4th.
Arrive Moscow Feb 5th.
Feb. 6th Medical evaluation in Moscow
Feb 6th evenning fly out to region
Feb 7th arrive in Krasnoyarsk
Feb 9th- my Birthday
Feb 10th Court Date
Ten day wait, then gotcha day ?? not sure of date yet.
Feb 26th leave Kras for Moscow
Feb 27th Childs medical in Moscow and documents submitted to embassy
Mar 2nd interview at the US Embassy
Mar 3rd Leave Moscow for home ( and my sisters birthday)

The past few days have been busy as I stated at the beginning, but productive.
Plane tickets to and from Moscow purchased.
Passports and Visa applications sent off
Bank notified to order new money
Employer notified of depart date.
Babys suitcase packed.
Friends and family called.
Dog, cat and house sitter arranged
Airport ride arranged

Still to go:
My suitcase
Pick up Mom from airport as she's still in Florida and needs to come home for this trip and repack.
Gather copies of all documents for court
Get batteries for camera
Figure out how to use skype
Pick up funds from Bank
Collect Passport and Visa
Turn in leave paperwork to employer
Try to relax.......and breath too, that would be good.

Friday, January 23, 2009

The Best Post Yet!!!

Finally, the post you've all been waiting for, and me too!!! Yes! I have a court date. Wahooooooo.
I got the call yesterday afternoon just before I had to go into work for a short shift. Court is scheduled for February 10th. The day after my birthday. Close enough for me to call it one of the greatest birthday presents yet. I am so excited, not really sure what to do first.

If anyone has traveled to Krasnoyarsk lately for court, please email me privately to let me know as much info as you can about what to expect from the Judges. I am a little nervous about that part. Also, how many different outfits did most of you take for your child? Any helpful packing tips are also always welcome.

I am still waiting for confirmation from my adoption agency about travel dates so I can get the passports and visa information sent out and by the plane tickets. Hopefully I will hear something real soon. As far as I can tell, I think I will be leaving on February 4th for Moscow.

Thanks again to everyone out there praying for me. Just a little longer now and this dream of mine to start a family will soon become true.