Thursday, July 31, 2008

Sad News and Garden Surprises

I received a sad and disappointing e-mail yesterday from my agency rep. The e-mail was letting me know that she was leaving the agency on August 8th. I know many of you fellow PAP's know exactly how I am feeling as you have all had to deal with agency changes. Here I was going along feeling very lucky as I have had the same CHI rep, Marti, since way back in 2007 when my first dossier was completed. I will miss her very much when she leaves, as she has become an important extended part of my family during the most emotional roller coaster adventure of my life, called adoption.

I still have not heard anything from Krasnoyarsk about a referral. Keep the prayers coming for me as I am having a really hard time waiting these last few weeks.

On a side note, this summer I was not up to planting a vegetable garden, just worked on the flower gardens. So I basically let the vegetable patch go to the weeds. Well low and behold ,one day I decided to mow the garden weeds down to keep the backyard from looking like a total eye sore and disgrace, when, I saw these small green plants that didn't look like your ordinary garden variety of weed. I decided to keep these little plants and mow the rest down around them just to see what they would turn into.

Here is the result.

Gotta love the weeds some times......
Take care,

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Not yet.....

No word from Russia yet, although I feel like it should be any day now, shouldn't it????? It's been over a month since Registration and the waiting is becoming excruciatingly difficult. I called my SW at my agency last week to get an update but have not heard anything back yet. Hopefully I will get some information tomorrow or Tuesday at the latest.

In the meantime, I did have an appointment with Homeland Security to have my fingerprints retaken on 7/10/08, as they were expiring on 7/25/08. They were taken and my amended I-171H form with new fingerprint expiration date was received in the mail on Friday. Their turnaround time was terrific. I was very thrilled to see it back already. Homeland Security gets a great big Kuddos from me this week. Okay, so now I think everything is up to date once again. Phone ring pleeeaaasssseeee....

Nothing else really exciting happening in the neighborhood. I've just been picking up more hours at the hospital almost every week to try and pay down some loans taken out for this adoption. I know it will all be worth it in the end, so I keep on chugging away. The good thing about working so much too, is that the vacation time is accruing faster. :) I think I have over six weeks PTO saved up now. I want to have as much time home with the kiddo as possible before having to return to work once we are back from Russia.

Please keep me and my Little Russian Princess in your prayers this week as we wait for the MOE and my adoption agency to send us word that we will be able to meet soon. Also keep the following blog friends and families in your thoughts and prayers as they are traveling to Russia this week to meet their children: Kyley and Greg Smith, Russ and Monica Canestraro, and Amy of 4 from Russia?. See my side bar of blogs I follow for their stories as I haven't learned how to imbed the links in my text yet. Also welcome home Becky and Keith and the Peanut.

Take care all!