Monday, June 23, 2008

I'm Finally Registered!!!!!!

Yippee!!! I can do the happy dance again....

I received a call back from my agency rep today (Thanks M. !!! You did make my day!) and we found out that I've actually been registered now since last week 6/16/08. Hallelujah! and Praise the Lord!

So what does this all mean to me now...Well this means that the Ministry of Education (MOE) in Krasnoyarsk, Russia now has officially accepted my paperwork and request to adopt. They will now begin the search to match up my application with my Little Russian Princess and then I will receive "The Call". I pray that the call comes quickly. I'm not sure what the typical wait time is between registration and referral for my region, but will pass on the information as soon as my agency rep finds out for me.

I'd like to send out a congratulations to Becky and Keith who have received their court date and will be travelling back to Russia tomorrow for their "Little Peanut" , and to all the other families who I don't know as well but hope to know soon, who have received calls for either their 1st or 2nd trips. Safe journeys to all!

I'd also like to congratulate my nephew "B" on his graduation from LCN High School. Way to go buddy!

In other's been a fairly wet month filled with storms here in Michigan. Nothing quite as devastating as with the rising flood waters along the Missouri River. (My heart goes out to all of those families who have lost everything to the rising waters. ) My basement did get wet again and I am still trying to dry out some of the flooring. My power was out for four long days and nights. My back-up sump pump that I installed after last years flood waters also failed, so water again came in. Only about 1/2 inch this time instead of 1 1/2 feet. Just enough water to wet all of the carpet and the new tile/ vinyl flooring that I'm having to pull up to dry underneath as it is a floating floor, not glued down. Ha Ha...I just realized...floating floor..literally.!! I can laugh now, but a week ago I was in tears.

I also lost my computer to the power surges from the storm. Even with a half way decent surge protector, it still got fried. Maybe God just knew how much I was contemplating buying a new lap top for my trips to Russia. I normally use a tower HP computer and have an old lap top that my Dad gave me 5 years ago, which makes it probably at least 8 years old. Now I have a brand new small light weight lap top that should travel well. I'm still trying to get used to its new functions, but it sure is pretty. :)

Well this short post is turning into a novel and I need to go pick up my Mom in 30 minutes for ice cream. Yummy...the best part of summer. Even if it is raining again! Got to run.... more thing..I didn't get to go on any vacation as of yet. My work schedule hasn't worked out for one. Hopefully Mr. and Mrs. Russia will call and I'll be headed there instead.

Monday, June 2, 2008

The Wait Continues For Word On Registration

I wish I had some happy news to report but, alas, yet another paper snafu has delayed the registration process for a couple of more weeks. :( Apparently another document change has taken place this year that my placing and home study agencies needed to update. This one wasn't found out until my Dossier was taken to the region to be registered a couple of weeks ago. It was just one document and I didn't have to do anything to update, but my agencies had to take care of completing it and getting it back to Russia. I've gotten word that it (the new document) has now reached Moscow as of last Friday, and that it will be another week and a half before it reaches Krasnoyarsk.

I've been feeling a bit gloomy over the wait time as it is now approaching the one year mark from when my first Dossier was completed and sent to Russia, and yet I still have not been registered in my assigned region. Hopefully Dossier number two is the lucky one and I'll hear news by the end of this month. God is definitely in the drivers seat for the time line on this adoption. I know there has to be a good reason for all of the waiting, right?

As I wait, and wait some more, I have really tried to take on a new attitude about the whole thing. I had been just sitting back on pins and needles waiting for "the call" at any moment, and not enjoying life in the here and now. I've been really trying to stay focused on today. It doesn't always work, but I'm trying... I finished planting flowers in the planter beds in the backyard this past week. I also fixed my front door that the paint had all peeled off of this past winter during the freezing cold. ( A bizzaire event in itself). The door is now a pretty blue- green rather than bright red. (Thanks Mom for your help too!) I've been working extra hours at the hospital. And now I'm thinking of planning a road trip some time in July. Nothing big or expensive (still have to watch the budget), but if Russia doesn't call soon...I still need some sort of vacation. :) Where to go????? Any ideas?