Sunday, February 24, 2008

New Friends, Paperchase complete???, and Birthdays

Wow! Time has flown this past week. Lots happening to keep me busy, but no "Call" yet.

Since Monday was holiday, I was unable to complete the adoption paperwork that I had started working on the previous week, so I met a new waiting adoptive family friend, Kyley, for lunch at the Mall. It was wonderful to have a chance to meet in person and talk about our experiences, and to also peek in at all the great children's shops at Somerset Mall. Believe it or not, I didn't buy anything, but will definitely have to go back when I know what size to buy.

On Tuesday, I went to my doctor's office and picked up my medical, then proceeded to my bank to have a few of the other documents notarized. After that I headed downtown Detroit to have them all apostilled. Oh my goodness....there must have been 100 people in the Secretary of States Office that day. I had to wait about two hours, but finally got everything stamped with the Great Seal. Then off to Staples to copy everything. Once I had copies I then proceeded to the post office to Overnight the updated docs to Children's Hope, and another packet to my home study agency as I'm working on getting my home study updated too!! A long day running around, but I think I have everything done now that needed to be updated so that I can have my Dossier registered with the region. I'm still praying that I'll get the call by March 28th, or sooner.

After three more very long days of work Thursday- Friday, Saturday was a day of fun. A group of friends from church, along with my Mom and I went to see the musical Chicago. We had excellent seats in the 4th row, middle of the stage. The performance was great! After the show, my Mom (who is now back from Florida) and I headed for my sister's house to my nephew's 18th birthday party. Brandon, my nephew, was also sweet enough to share a little of the lime light with my great niece, Alivia, who is 3 as their birthday's are only a day apart.

Today has just been a day of printing out pictures from the birthday party and updating photo albums, attending church, and then afterward finding the 70-80% off sale at Kohl's in the Children's Department. I didn't go hog wild, cause I already have several things that I started purchasing over the past year, but I did find some super bargains on a couple of outfits and a dress. I got sizes 18 months and up. If the smaller sizes don't fit, oh well!! I haven't spent a fortune and I can always donate them to the orphanage or families in need here.

For this will be back to waiting!!! And finding a time to meet with my home study agency social worker to complete the update. Please keep me in your prayers that the call will come soon. And, may God Bless all of those families who are now traveling to meet their children for the first time, or who are traveling to bring their children home.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!

The past couple of days have been spent chasing paper, and going to appointments to complete the paper chase.

Yesterday I completed:
  • New Employer letter
  • New Medical appointment with new PCP to do a medical clearance for homestudy agency and Children's Hope International (CHI)
  • Completed 2007 Taxes
  • Got new local police clearance letter for homestudy agency
  • New Registration letter to Russian Consular Division
  • New Post-Placement Commitment Letter
  • New Questionaire Of Candidate to Adopt
  • New Application letter to Regional Operator of Government Database in Russia
  • Signed and sent BCAL-1326 form for Homestudy agency to check my background in Michigan. (They still need to send another form for me to fill out for the time I resided in California, since I have only lived in Michigan for 2 years.) They need to check the last 5 years of residency.

Today, I spent time getting letters notarized and double checking everything for accuracy. Once the medical letters come back from the physician's office next week I'll have to go to downtown Detroit to get them all Apostilled, then sent off to St. Louis, and then Russia. Whew!!!!

Aside from running around chasing paper, I did get to spend a few minutes with my Pastor and friend, Jill today to vent about the stress I'm feeling at having to redo several documents, updates and new forms. Thanks for the shoulder Jill!!! I needed it. She did remind me that I did get positive feedback from CHI about the adoption happening, or referall portion hopefully happening soon. So, I am reminded once again to"keep my eye on the prize". I know this stress will pass and that God is watching out for me and taking care of everything. Next year I'll be holding my daughter and will have forgotten all about this week. :)

I almost have all of the paperwork done again. I Just need to gather the medicals and complete a financial form. Then the Homestudy "brief" can be written. ( You are right Becky, the second time through the paperwork is much faster). Pretty soon I'll be a Dossier writing Pro too...although I sincerely hope that this is the last time for this adoption.

On a cheery note... I got to have lunch with my oldest brother Russ today followed by a tour of his new building which is just a couple of miles from here. In a couple of months the construction will be done and he and his partner will be able to move their business into the new building. It has three times the square footage as the old one. It's going to look fantastic when completed inside. They purchased an existing building and have redone the inside to fit their business needs. He and his partner are in the fire and water damage restoration business. I'm so proud of him, his business has really grown over the last few years.

I've got to close for today. I have to do a few Domestic type duties before another couple of long days at work Friday and Saturday. I also want to make sure that I am done with chores before Survivor starts tonght.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Return from Florida

Hi everyone! I'm back from Florida and back to posting after having to work a three day stretch immediately following my return home.

Florida was great this year. The weather was perfect the whole week I was away, unlike last year when it rained almost everyday that I was there and I got the flu on top of it. It was really good to see my Mom and get away from thinking about when my adoption referall might come. The stress and tension were getting to me. I found myself watching the internet news almost every spare minute I had, instead of living my life day to day. Anyone else been there?

While in Florida, I got to see Melbourne Beach where Mom usually stays for a month or two every winter. It's a very nice Beach town, reminded me a lot of Laguana in California. I checked out the area as much as possible for the two days that Mom and I were there before heading to Orlando, as I have plans somewhere down the road to move back to a warmer climate. I'm still not crazy about Michigan winters.

Orlando was really fun. I had gotten 4 day Magic My Way tickets to Disney, so Mom and I went to all four parks in four days. She was a real trooper. I have to give her credit. She made it through most of the time without complaining too much and sticking right with me. There was only one day when she left the park early not feeling well, and came back later to get me. I'm used to 12 hour days on my feet, but Mom isn't, so she was exhausted by the 5th day...

The timeshare that Mom has in Orlando was beautiful, just wish I could have stayed a little longer to enjoy the ammenities. Will have to plan for more time next year. Hopefully "T" will be with us too by then.

Back to waiting for a was one of my worst days of waiting. I was feeling at an all time low, not hearing anything from CHI and receiving e-mail messages and a letter from my homestudy agency while I was away, stating that my homestudy is expiring soon and several documents need to be completed again. I called CHI this morning and was able to talk with my representative who was wonderful at helping to raise my spirits. She assured me that my adoption "was going to happen". She also said that Russia has requested a few more documents to be updated, which she said is a good thing because that means that things will most likely be happening soon for me, especially since they didn't request all her families to update docs, only a few. I am still 5th on the list in line for Krasnoyarsk, but 2nd in line for a baby girl. All baby homes are again open to my agency in the region now that we are reaccredited. I believe there are 5 baby homes in Krasnoyarsk. While my agency was waiting for reaccreditation we were only able to work with 1 baby home. This is all good news, even though my CHI representative couldn't confirm that I would be traveling by the end of March.

I was really hoping to have my referall by my birthday, but since that was Saturday Feb 9th, I am now going to pray for a referall by March 28th, 2008 (that's the last business day of the month). Since my Mom and others in her prayer group say that it is best to state a particular date in your prayers rather than just praying for soon, I'm going to ask that all of you who are out there praying for me, please concentrate on March 28th for "the Call and a referall".

In closing, I hope all of you out there in blogland are doing well today. Congratulations to those families who have recently received their court dates. It must be an amazing feeling knowing that you will be bringing your children home very soon now. Congratulations to everyone who has recieved their referalls and will be traveling for the first trip. For those who are like me "waiting", hang in there. God has the perfect child picked out just for us. We just have to wait for Mr. and Mrs. Russia to find our children for us and "Call". May God bless you all!!!!