Friday, November 7, 2008

Pics of Moscow

Here is a little video of the pictures taken in Moscow from my first trip. Most were taken at the Kremlin, St. Basil's and the Gum mall with a few more of the Holiday Inn and view out my window.

Pics of Krasnoyarsk as promised

Just some pictures that I promised awhile ago. These were taken on our last day in Krasnoyarsk. Our driver, Dasha, was kind enough to give us all a tour of the city.

Time to update the Blog.......

Oh Boy....I've been a bad blogger lately. Sorry for the delay in this post. I know every one is wondering about court. No date as of yet, but I do have all of my documents completed. I think!!! I sent all of the required papers off a couple of weeks ago now, except for the CA police clearance and my extension to the I600 A. The papers (except those two) should be in Russia being translated now, and then off to the court in Krasnoyarsk.

As for the CA police clearance, I did receive my report back a week ago. ( Thank you to everyone who offered their assistance with this one.) Just need to check with my agency to see if I need to do anything else with it before forwarding it to Russia. I also received papers back from Homeland Security yesterday. I think the extension has been granted but want to ask someone at the agency to interpret as the wording is a little unclear. So anyway...everything is just about done from my end. Oh also purchased a couple of small photo albums yesterday and will put together a photo album for the Judge.

What happens next...??? Well, from what I've been told. Now the document preparation starts for my Little Russian Princess. Once her documents are together my agency representative in Krasnoyarsk will hopefully get us a date with the Judge so that I can go back to Russia to complete the adoption and bring my sweet Little Russian Princess home.

Home...that is a beautiful word. Can't wait to bring her home. The wait is starting to drive me crazy. I miss her so much. It has been a little over 5 weeks since I've seen her and it seems like forever. I don't want her to forget me. She wasn't old enough to understand why I had to go after spending three mornings visiting her at the orphanage. It has to be very confusing to her. I know it's been hard on me having to leave her there. I do know that she is being well cared for by her caregivers, so that part is comforting. Still, the missing her and wishing she was here part is hard. And so the waiting continues.......