Monday, March 2, 2009

Last Day in Moscow

It's my last post from Moscow. Tomorrow we head home! Hurray! We just got back to the hotel from our Embassy Appointment. We now have passport and Visa for Tia in tow and and are ready to be on our way. We met three other American families at the embassy this afternoon all very nice, two others with little girls and one little boy. Our appointment went very smoothly, and not a long wait. The four little ones entertained each other for a few minutes too. Very sweet.

Yesterday we did get a chance to go to the festival in the park for a couple of hours. It was wonderful. Lots of music, food, ice skating, sleigh rides. dancing, etc. The Russians sure know how to have fun and celebrate the end of winter. I loved it. Only wish I had remembered my camera. Tatiana loved it too. Her feet were tapping on the stroller and she was clapping to the music. After all the fresh air yesterday she even slept almost 13 hours last night. I almost thought I'd have to wake her this morning so we didn't miss breakfast, as it's her favorite meal of the day, and only meal that she really eats.

Well, suit cases are almost packed and it is now 930pm. Need to finish up last little bit of organizing now that Tia is asleep. Wish us luck tomorrow on,our long flight. 10 hours to Atlanta Georgia and then another 2 to Detroit. Our driver will be here at 9am to pick us up for our 110pm flight home. Pray for us for a safe flight and little girl who stays happy and also sleeps at least a few hours on the way home.

Next post....home.

Paka Paka Russia

Shannon, Tia and Mom


Roger and Joanne said...

I'm sure you've had some great moments, but are also so excited to begin living "the dream". Best of luck on your travels tomorrow! Please don't forget to get us an update about the flight home.

Russ and Monica Canestraro said...

I know that you can not wait to get back home. It is cold now in the MidWest but by the end of the week you will be in 50 degree weather! - I am sure a heat wave for you. You all will be in our prayers as you travel back home. Just remember, you are almost back home - that is what kept me going. But you will always remember fondly of these last days in Russia.

BLessings - Monica

Amy said...

Wooo hooo! Enjoy your trip back home!

kate said...

And now the real adventure begins!


Troy and Rachel said...

Safe trip home!!!!

Cindy said...

I don't know if I'm leaving this post in time for you to see it before you leave, but be prepared for the security gauntlet at the Moscow airport. OMG! I was so exhausted by the time we went through about 5 levels and having to practically dump everything out on the table from our suitcase and then quickly cram it all back in while the guard glares at you to hurry up. I got separated in security from my Dad, so I had to keep Vika corralled close by and worried she'd wander off while I dealt with this unreasonable security guard who spoke no English. I pray you don't have the same struggles. I was so sweaty when it was over and I wanted to cry! Stay strong. You're close to home now. I can't wait to hear more once you get home, but I imagine you'll be very busy in those first days and won't be able to post. Congratulations on a successful journey, though!


Rob,Dawn,Catherine and Iain said...

Hi Shannon, We also live in the suburbs near Detroit (Brighton). We are waiting for our referral right now. We are hoping to travel soon. Our e-mail is and our blog is

Bethany said...

Congratulations on your new daughter! I just stumbled upon your blog through my reader. ;) We brought our daughter home from Russia this past November. Good luck on the flight home!

Carey and Norman said...

Sorry I'm so late responding to this post...I took a little blogger break. Trying to catch up and was sorry I missed your last two posts from Russia. Sorry to hear about Tia's rash/allergy. How nice to have a doctor in the airport...I had no idea...good to know for the future :o) Glad you were able to find help prior to the long flight home.

Looking forward to hearing how life is going since you arrived home.

Anonymous said...

I'm checking your site daily for an update!! Did you make it home ok? How are you all doing?

brett said...

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